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“Fascinating, beautifully crafted” <i>1428</i> Reviewed in Variety

1428 (dir. Du Haibin)

Du Haibin‘s documentary 1428 received an enthusiastic review in Variety. Reviewer Ronnie Scheib writes:

The title of Du Haibin’s striking documentary refers to the exact time (14:28) on May 12, 2008, when a massive 8.0 earthquake rocked China’s Sichuan province. Pic proceeds with virtually no exposition, except for the words supplied by survivors as they scramble to build a makeshift existence on the ruins. Visiting a devastated village 10 days and then 210 days after the quake, Du depicts, with immediacy and casual artistry, a wide range of human reactions to the natural and political aftershocks. Fascinating, beautifully crafted Venice prizewinner fully warrants an arthouse run.

Full review can be accessed at Variety.

More details about the film here.


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