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dGenerate Films distributes independent film from mainland China to audiences in North America. We are dedicated to procuring and promoting visionary content, fueled by social change, digital innovation, and unstoppable creativity.

dGenerate Films is the leading distributor of independent Chinese film in North America. We combine long-standing relationships in China with innovative partnerships in North America to distribute previously inaccessible content. Films are made available for theatrical release, educational and home VOD / DVD, public exhibitions, and more. We facilitate co-production relationships between filmmakers in China with their global counterparts.


dGenerate Films was established in 2008 by a team of filmmakers and innovators. We proudly take our name from global cinema’s digitally-driven visionaries: the d-Generation. We are dedicated to supporting these unprecedented films and their makers. dGenerate Films is led by Karin Chien, an award-winning film producer. 

Sales of dGenerate Films are being handled by Icarus Films. Please visit the dGenerate Films collection (documentaries | narratives) at the Icarus Films website for any sales or rental inquiries.


Curious about how dGenerate Films came into existence? Take a look at this great article by Perfect Strangers that chronicles our beginnings.  


Since 1978, Icarus Films has been a leading distributor of documentary films in North America. Led by longtime president Jonathan Miller, Icarus FIlms works with independent producers worldwide to release 30-50 new films a year, and represent a collection of over 1,000 titles.


dGenerate Films c/o Icarus Films

32 Court St, 21st Fl

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(p) (718) 488-8900  |  (f) (718) 488-8642

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