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Weekly Events: Timber Gang in Ann Arbor & Fortune Teller in Minneapolis

Saturday, April 7th at 7pm

"Timber Gang" (dir. Yu Guangyi)

Address: Angell Hall, Auditorium A 435 South State St., Ann Arbor, MI

Description: Yu Guangyi’s stunning debut explores a grueling winter amongst loggers in Northeast China as they employ traditional practices through one last, fateful expedition. Armed with a digital camera and survival gear, Yu Guangyi spent months filming the lumberjacks of his hometown, offering a privileged peek into some exceedingly harsh lives (Neil Young, Jigsaw Lounge). A lasting testament to disappearing traditions, Timber Gang “is a fascinating glimpse at a rare way of life that few will ever witness.” (Ain’t It Cool News)

More information and ticketing details can be found here.

Monday April 10 at 7pm and 9:30pm Tuesday April 11th at 7pm and 9:30pm

"Fortune Teller" (dir. Xu Tong)

Address: 3258 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Details: Armed with an HD camera, Xu Tong takes a long look at Li Baicheng, a traditional Chinese fortune teller, and his wife Pearl Shi, two people left behind in China’s dramatic push towards capitalism. A riveting portrait of life on the fringes, this brave documentary achieves a rare intimacy with its subjects that is both rewarding and heartbreaking.

Promotional support provided by the Hamline University Department of East Asian Studies. Fortune Teller appears as part of The Trylon‘s Premiere Series, coordinated by Take Up Productions

More details can be found here.


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