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Three New Titles Added to dGenerate Films Collection

Mothers (dir. Xu Huijing)

Mothers (dir. Xu Huijing)

We are happy to announce three new additions to the dGenerate Films collection, released by Icarus Films just in time for the new school year!

Sterilization quotas seem like the stuff of science fiction–but they are all too real as documented in the shocking exposé Mothers, a film by Xu Huijing that offers a powerful feminist perspective, as we watch men developing and enforcing reproductive policies for women.

Meat is central to the daily meals of billions of people, yet the enormous environmental, climate, public health, ethical, and human impacts of its consumption are remain largely undocumented. Jian Yi’s new short film What’s For Dinner? explores this terrain in fast-globalizing China through the eyes of a pig farmer in rural Jiangxi province; a vegan restaurateur in Beijing; a bullish young livestock entrepreneur; and residents of the infamous Chinese region nicknamed “the world’s meat factory.”

It was 12 o’clock at night when police knocked on the door for a “room inspection.” “I turned on a small camcorder. This film is the record of that visit,” explains Zhu Rikun–filmmaker, distributor, and artistic director of the Beijing Independent Documentary Festival–of his explosive short film The Questioning.

These three new films are part of the dGenerate Films Collection at Icarus Films, as well as IcarusFilms’ extensive collections of documentary films on Chinese StudiesAsian Studies,Women’s Studies, and Environmental Studies. The dGenerate collection also contains narrative films.


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