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“Skyscraping ambition:” The Shenzhen Biennale curated by Ou Ning

Shenzhen Biennale (Photo Courtesy of BB News)

We’re pleased to share this report on Shenzhen’s third Biennale of architecture, curated by Ou Ning. Among Ou Ning’s many accomplishments as an artist and activist, he’s the director of two dGenerate titles, Meishi Street and San Yuan Li.

From the report by World BB News:

The biennale, now in its third edition, is a government-sponsored attempt to establish one thing Shenzhen lacks: a cultural scene. The theme is city mobilisation, which chief curator Ou Ning – who lived here throughout the 1990s, when growth was so fast that the phrase “Shenzhen speed” was born – says is an experiment to unite citizens “in a time that lacks centralised force, spiritual solidarity and practical organisation”. While most architecture biennales are unappealing cocktails of dodgy architectural art and dense technical presentations, this one has a more popular touch. More than 60 installations by artists and architects occupy an underground hall at the civic centre, the massive public plaza above it, and various spots around the city.

Read the full report on the Biennale, with many vivid images included.


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