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Remembering Lin Zhao: A Media Review

Searching for Lin Zhao's Soul (dir. Hu Jie)

Searching for Lin Zhao’s Soul (dir. Hu Jie)

Last December 16 marked the 81st anniversary of Lin Zhao’s birth (it’s technically the 82nd because although her birth certificate says 12/16/1932, her real birthday was 12/16/1931). Lin, a top student from Peking University, was imprisoned for defending students and leaders persecuted during Mao Zedong’s Anti-Rightist Movement in the late 1950s. A gifted writer, Lin composed endless articles and poems from her cell. Forbidden to use pens, she wrote using a hairpin dipped in her own blood. In 1968 she was executed, her tragic life lost to the margins of history.

Four decades after Lin’s execution, filmmaker Hu Jie filmed Searching For Lin Zhao’s Soul, a chronicle of Hu’s investigative journey to bring Lin’s story to light, uncovering the details of this forgotten woman’s fight for civil rights.

Hu Jie has collected multiple articles about the anniversary, many of which are published in particular relation to the recent news of former Red Guard Song Binbin’s apology for participating in the student movements that led to the death of her former teacher, Bian Zhongyun, at the start of the Cultural Revolution. This incident is documented in another documentary by Hu Jie, Though I Am Gone. Both Searching for Lin Zhao’s Soul and Though I Am Gone are available as part of the dGenerate Films Collection.

The following articles provided by Hu are all in Chinese. The authors and titles are translated into English by Isabelle Tianzi Cai.

Rui, Di. “The Collective Incarnation of a Youth Generation Whose Lives were Ruined [Bei Zang Song De Qing Chun Yi Dai De Ji Ti Hua Shen]” in Groupe Radio France Internationale, Groupe RFI. Jan. 10, 2014.

HU, Ping. “From the Editor: Special Edition on Studies of the 82nd Anniversary of LIN Zhao’s Birth [Ji Nian Lin Zhao 82 Ming Dan Ji Lin Zhao Yan Jiu Zhuan Kan Bian Zhe De Hua]” in Beijing Spring. Dec. 16, 2013.

CHEN, Kuide. “Psychosis, Paranoia, or Simply Being A Progressive Thinker [Jing Shen Bing, Pian Zhi Kuang, Jing Shen Xian Zhi?]” in Beijing Spring. Dec. 19, 2013.

First published under a different title in China Overview [Zong Lan Zhong Guo] on April 29, 2013.

CHEN, Chuangchuang. “Lin Zhao the Pacesetter [Lin Zhao Zhan Zai Ta Tong Shi Dai Ren De Zui Qian Lie]” in Beijing Spring. Dec. 19, 2013.

First published under a different title in China Overview [Zong Lan Zhong Guo] on April 30, 2013.

XU, Zhiyong. “Died to Free China [Zi You Zhong Hua De Xun Dao Zhe]” in Beijing Spring. Dec. 16, 2013.

HU, Ping. “Is Lin Zhao a Saint or a Madwoman? [Lin Zhao Shi Sheng Nü Hai Shi Feng Nü?]” in Beijing Spring. Dec. 16, 2013.

First published in two parts in China Human Rights Biweekly [Zhong Guo Ren Quan Shuang Zhou Kan] Issue No. 118 dated Nov. 29, 2013 and Issue No. 119 dated Dec. 13, 2013 respectively.

“Call to Commemorate Lin Zhao on Her Birth Anniversary, Police Arrest of Teacher Pan Lu in Suzhou [Hu Yu Dao Nian Lin Zhao Dan Chen, Suzhou Jiao Shi Pan Lu Bei Jing Fang Dai Zou]” in Radio Free Asia. Dec. 15, 2013.

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