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“MEET THE FILMMAKERS” at the Apple Store Beijing

dGenerate Films is teaming up with the Apple Store in Beijing to present a new monthly series to showcase China’s newest filmmakers powered by digital technology. Digital tools, from digital video cameras to editing software, have placed filmmaking in the hands of the people. Listen and watch how award-winning directors use digital technology to create their latest movies, attracting worldwide attention and acclaim.

All events will be held at the Apple Store in Sanlitun, Beijing, starting at 7pm.

Events are listed below in English; scroll further to read them in Chinese.

On Feburary 17, join Peng Tao in conversation about LITTLE MOTH and FLOATING IN MEMORY. We will screen clips from both films, and then hear Peng Tao discuss the process of making films with Mac products. Peng Tao is the award-winning director of LITTLE MOTH (2007) and a graduate of the Art Department of Beijing Film Academy, where he received the Outstanding Short Film Award and first prize at the 1st JINZI Awards. Peng Tao’s second feature, FLOATING IN MEMORY (2009), is supported by the prestigious Sundance Institute Feature Film Program and the Hubert Bals Fund, and screened in the VPRO Tiger Awards Competition at the 2009 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

On February 18, join Cui Zi’en in conversation about how he uses Adobe and Final Cut Pro to make his groundbreaking digital video features. Cui Zi’en is a director, film scholar, screenwriter, and novelist based in Beijing. He is an associate professor at the Beijing Film Academy. Cui Zi’en is a premiere avant-garde digital filmmaker in China. He has published nine novels in China and Hong Kong, and he is also the author of books on criticism and theory, as well as a columnist for magazines.

On February 19, join Jian Yi in conversation about filming from villages to cities with Apple products. Jian Yi is an independent filmmaker, visual artist and writer. He is a finalist for the British Council’s 2007 International Young Film Entrepreneur of the Year award. He partnered with filmmaker Wu Wenguang to launch the China Villager Documentary Project. Jian’s photos on China’s village governance toured the nation’s seven provinces as well as Brussels and Strasburg. He has been a visiting fellow at Yale University, Cambridge University, the New School in New York, and the Asian Cultural Council.


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