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<i>Oxhide</i> Now Available! Plus a profile of director Liu Jiayin

Liu Jiayin

In our one-of-a-kind poll of the Best Chinese Films of the 2000s, Oxhide, director Liu Jiayin’s quiet, homemade do-it-yourself masterpiece, shocked many by placing in the top ten. We are pleased to announce that Oxhide is now available for institutional DVD sales and exhibition rental. If you haven’t seen the film, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on it.

At The Beijinger, Liu Jiayin, director of Oxhide and Oxhide II, talks to Dan Edwards:

Oxhide was based on my family’s real experiences – we reenacted real-life events,” recalls Liu. “The film was born from a desire to preserve those memories.” When asked if it was difficult persuading her parents to put their lives on public display, Liu laughs. “In other families this may have been a problem, but my parents are very avant-garde in their thinking and were very supportive. My parents and I know each other very well.”

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