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For a Limited Time: Free Streaming of Chinese documentary <i>Survival Song</i>

Survival Song (dir. Yu Guangyi)

Doc Alliance, a partnership between five European film festivals, is offering free streaming of five documentaries from the Doc Alliance Selection 2009, feature film highlights from last year’s festival circuit. One of the films is Survival Song, an acclaimed documentary by Yu Guangyi, whose debut feature was the eye-opening Last Lumberjacks (coming soon from dGenerate Films). The film is available for online viewing through April 25. It can also be purchased as a downloadable .avi or DVD file.

Click through to read more about Survival Song, and access the film. SURVIVAL SONG / Xiao Li Zi (orig.)

Yu Guangyi / China / 94 min

The raw poetic drama of a family waging a battle for survival in the wilderness of Northeast China, where, unemployed, they depend on pouching for their survival, but moreover their wooden hut, with no running water or electricity, stands in the path of construction of the great dam, and there is no force that can withstand the power of the state.

Part of the series FREE STREAM OF DOC ALLIANCE SELECTION 2009, APRIL 21 – 25: offers free streaming of the FIVE documentaries from the Doc Alliance Selection 2009 right after the festival at From 21 to 25 April 5 selected titles include: Survival Song by Yu Guangyi (China) Auto*mate by Martin Marecek (Czech Republic) Big John by Havard Bustnes (Norway) Hotel Sahara by Bettina Haasen (Germany) Maggie in Wonderland by Mark Hammarberg, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Beatrice “Maggie” Andersson


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