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Disorder, Beijing Besieged By Waste Among Critic’s Top Picks of 2011

"Disorder" (dir. Huang Weikai)

Sight and Sound‘s annual account of the year’s cinematic highlights featured two dGenerate titles, spotlighting some of the brightest and boldest Chinese indies in recent memory.

Critic Jonathan Rosenbaum selected Huang Weikai‘s Disorder as one of his most memorable cinematic experiences of the past year, praising the film as a “Guangzhou city symphony culled from street footage by many hands and a major example of recent Chinese independent cinema.”

Wang Jiuliang‘s Beijing Besieged By Waste appeared on the list of critic Sukhdev Sandhu, who called the film “eerie and urgent.” Sandhu goes on to address “One image – of the splayed yet oddly restful corpse of a man who had assembled a tiny shack amidst an enormous wasteland – has haunted me like no other in 2011.”


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