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dGenerate’s Karin Chien Featured on Filmwax Podcast

"Little Moth" (dir. Peng Tao)

Check out this podcast: dGenerate president Karin Chien chats with Filmax Film Series director Adam Shartoff on the perks and pitfalls of indie filmmaking worldwide, our philosophy and where the name “dGenerate” comes from, and the uphill battle to bring Chinese independent cinema into world view.

Says Karin:

“The films that we’re distributing here take incredible risks and they’re able to because they do work completely out of the system in China and they don’t have these market pressures to bear as we do in the states. And in a way, that’s crippling when it comes to distribution, but also freeing when it comes to making the films.”

Filmwax, a screening series with an emphasis on Brooklyn-based filmmakers and ventures, recently hosted a mini-series of dGenerate fare: Jian Yi’s Super, Girls! and Peng Tao‘s Little Moth.


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