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dGenerate’s Films and Filmmakers Showcased in Get It Louder Series

by Sara Beretta

Get It Louder (Da Sheng Zhan), one of China’s hottest showcases for emerging creative talent, opened in Beijing last September 19th, and will run through October 10th before moving to Shanghai (Oct. 22nd – Nov. 7th).

Presented by China’s Modern Media Group with its contemporary culture magazine, The Outlook, and organized by the Beijing-based Shao Foundation, 2010’s edition of Get It Louder is curated by Ou Ning (who founded the event in 2005) and a six-member curatorial team, including Ying Liang, director of The Other Half.

Under the main theme of “Sharism” (Fenxiang Zhuyi), exhibitions and workshops of art, design, music, film, literature and much more will showcase the work of creators from China, Europe and US. The unifying theme is the value of creativity and community in action, in both public and private spheres. A statement explaining the theme of “Sharism” in full can be found at the Get It Louder site.

Chief curator Ou Ning (visual artist, designer, editor, founder of U-thèque and Alternative Archive) is, among other things, renowned for his work examining the current state of urban China, best shown in his films San Yuan Li (2003) and Meishi Street (2006), both in dGenerate Films’ catalogue. Get It Louder’s film program includes several other dGenerate Films titles: Yang Jin’s Er Dong (2008), Zhao Dayong’s Street Life and Liu Jiayin’s Oxhide (2005).

More information can be found at the Get It Louder website (English version)


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