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Chinese Cinema Book released

Press release:

Song Hwee Lim and Julian Ward are delighted to announce the publication of The Chinese Cinema Book. Commissioned by the British Film Institute, The Chinese Cinema Book provides a comprehensive companion to the cinemas of the PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese diaspora, from early cinema to the present day. With contributions from leading international scholars, the book is structured around five thematic sections: Territories, Trajectories, Historiographies; Early Cinema to 1949; The Forgotten Period: 1949≠80; The New Waves; and Stars, Auteurs and Genres.

This important collection addresses film production and exhibition and places Chinese cinema in its national and transnational contexts. Individual chapters addresses major film movements such as the Shanghai Cinema of the 1930s, Fifth Generation Chinese film-makers and the Hong Kong New Wave, as well key issues, stars and auteurs of Chinese cinema. The book will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars, as well as for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the cinemas of Greater China.

The Chinese Cinema Book Edited by Song Hwee Lim and Julian Ward Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2011ISBN 9781844573448 for the paperback and 9781844573455 for the hardback.

Table of Contents after the break.

Introduction: The Coming of Age of Chinese Cinemas Studies By Song Hwee Lim and Julian Ward

PART ONE: Territories, Trajectories, Historiographies

1. Transnational Chinese Film Studies/Studies of Transnational Chinese Film By Chris Berry

2. National Cinema as Translocal Practice: Reflections on Chinese Film Historiography By Yingjin Zhang

3. Cinemas of the Chinese Diaspora By Gina Marchetti

4. Six Chinese Cinemas in Search of a Historiography By Song Hwee Lim

PART TWO: Early Cinema to 1949

5. Shadow Magic and the Early History of FilmExhibition in China By Xuelei Huang and Zhiwei Xiao

6. The Making of a National Cinema: Shanghai Films of the 1930s By Laikwan Pang

7. Wartime Cinema: Reconfiguration and Border Navigation By Yiman Wang

8. Chinese Filmmaking on the Eve of the Communist Revolution By Paul Pickowicz

PART THREE: The Forgotten Period: 1949-1980

9. The remodelling of a national cinema: Chinese films of the 17 Years (1949-1966) By Julian Ward

10. Healthy Realism in Taiwan, 1964-1980: Film Style, Cultural Policies, and Mandarin Cinema By Guo-Juin Hong

11. The Hong Kong Cantonese Cinema: Emergence, Development and Decline By Stephen Teo

PART FOUR: The New Waves

12. The Fifth Generation: A Re-assessment By Wendy Larson

13. Taiwan New Cinema and Its Legacy By Tonglin Lu

14. The Hong Kong New Wave: A Critical Reappraisal By Vivian P. Y. Lee

PART FIVE: Stars, Auteurs and Genres

15. Dragons Forever: Chinese Martial Arts Stars By Leon Hunt

16. The Contemporary Wuxia Revival: Genre Remaking and the Hollywood Transnational Factor By Kenneth Chan

17. On the Shoulders of Giants: Tsai Ming-liang, Jia Zhangke, Fruit Chan and the Struggles of Second Generation Auteurism By James Udden

18. The Urban Generation: Underground and Independent Films from the PRC By Jason McGrath

19. Contemporary Mainstream PRC Cinema By Yomi Braester

20. Contemporary Meta Chinese Film Stardom and Transnational Transmedia Celebrity By Anne Ciecko

Afterword: Liquidity of Being By Rey Chow

Appendix Book-length Studies of Chinese Cinemas in the English Language Compiled by Wan-Jui Wang, Louise Williams and Song Hwee Lim

Chinese Names Compiled by Zou Yijie

Chinese Film Titles Compiled by Zou Yijie



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