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Call for Papers: and Oxford Chinese Internet Research Conference; Kentucky Foreign Language Conferen

China and the New Internet World: The Eleventh Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC11) Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford 14-15 June 2013

CIRC is an interdisciplinary conference that brings together scholars, analysts, industry leaders, journalists and legal practitioners from around the world to examine the impact of the Internet on Chinese society, including its social, cultural, political and economic aspects, as well as how China is changing the Internet. Founded in 2003, the eleventh meeting of the Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC) will be held in Oxford, hosted and co-organized by the Oxford Internet Institute, the Programme of Comparative Media Law and Policy, and the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford in collaboration with the Steering Committee of the CIRC, the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at USC, the Center for Global Communications Studies (CGCS) at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, the Global Communication Research Institute (GCRI) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Singapore Internet Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University.

CIRC11 will begin with a dinner at Balliol College on 14 June 2013, which follows the ICA Pre-Conference on ŒChina and the New Internet World’. This conference will be organized by the OII, PCMLP and RISJ, in collaboration with an organizing committee, which will include representatives of CIRC and our academic partners. CIRC11 will continue on Saturday, 15 June with academic panels and presentations from 9am to 5pm, followed by a closing session.

While individuals may register to attend CIRC11 whether or not they are able to attend the ICA Pre-Conference on the 14th (and vice versa), the conferences are designed to flow seamlessly together providing a broad range of current research on the Chinese Internet and drawing prominent researchers to this these consecutive events.


Those who wish to attend the ICA Pre-Conference should register through the ICA: Those who wish to attend the CIRC11 Dinner on 14 June or CIRC11 on 15 June should send an email expressing interest to events (at) <> with CIRC in the subject heading.

Accepting Proposals and Abstracts

The CIRC11 Organizing Committee welcomes proposals for panels or abstracts of presentations for the 15 June conference. Any panel or presentation that promises to advance social research on the Internet and related media and communication technologies in China or within the broader Chinese user community is welcomed. Panel proposals should be written in English and should not exceed two pages or 1000 words, and abstracts not exceed one page or 500 words.

Graduate Student Paper Competition

Papers by graduate students are particularly welcomed. Graduate students who submit conference papers will be considered for CIRC’s annual graduate student paper competition. Eligibility is limited to papers that do not include any faculty co-authors.

Thematic Focus

CIRC examines trends and themes concerning the role of the Internet and related media and communication technologies in Chinese political, economic, cultural and social life. We welcome contributions from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective that seek to address these themes. Forward looking and historical perspectives on the Internet in China and the Asian region are particularly welcome.

Potential topics include:

* presentations on the Internet and media industries, such as new companies and innovations in China;

* applications, ranging from gaming and social media to journalism, news and information; patterns of consuming Internet products and services, from online shopping to digital government;

* issues related to the creative industries and online popular culture;

* media and Internet governance in China and globally;

* social movements, such as grassroots activism and e-tactics, and digital divides in technology, skills, and access; and

* methodological perspectives and challenges in performing Internet research in China.

66th Annual KFLC: The Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Conference April 18-20, 2013 – University of Kentucky – Lexington, Kentucky


East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) Studies

Deadline for Abstract Submission: November 15, 2012

The KFLC (formerly the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference) is proud to open sessions devoted to the presentation of scholarly research in the area of East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) Studies. Abstracts are invited in all areas and aspects of this field, including, but not limited to:

* Class, gender, ethnicity/race * Colonialism and Diaspora * Memory, violence, and nation * Popular culture in global markets * Performance, agency, and identity * Ethics of literary-cultural studies * Classical literature; new readings * Media studies, music studies, film studies * Social movements – justice, citizenship, and resistance * The avant-garde – arts in contexts * Body, space, and the public sphere * The politics of writing – writing within/against culture

Sessions are 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute question & answer session. In addition to individual abstracts for paper presentations, proposals for panels of 3-5 papers will be considered.

The KFLC has a tradition of attracting scholars from a broad range of languages and specializations.? This year’s conference will have sessions in Arabic Studies, East Asian Studies, French and Francophone Studies, German-Austrian-Swiss Studies, Hispanic Linguistics, Hispanic Studies (Spanish Peninsular and Spanish American), Neo-Latin Studies, Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies, Language Technology, Second Language Acquisition, and Translation and Cultural Studies.

Individually submitted abstracts should be no more than 250 words and should include author’s name, affiliation and contact information.

Panel proposals of 3-5 presentations should be submitted as follows: The panel organizer should e-mail a panel proposal to the track director of his or her division. The panel proposal cannot exceed one page in length and should include the theme of the panel, the organizer’s name and contact information, and the names, contact information and affiliations of the panel participants. Each participant MUST submit an individual abstract using our online system in addition to the panel proposal. Please indicate that your presentation is part of a pre-organized panel and list the title and organizer of the panel in the abstract.

Papers should be read in English to facilitate cross-cultural dialogue and conversation. Acceptance of a paper or complete panel implies a commitment on the part of all participants to register and attend the conference. All presenters must pay the appropriate registration fee by February 15, 2013 to be included in the program.

To submit abstracts and panel proposals BY NOVEMBER 15, 2012, please use the KFLC link: For more information on conference logistics, please visit


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