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6th Annual China Independent Film Festival Lineup

The Sixth China Independent Film Festival (CIFF) will be held in Nanjing from October 12-16th, 2009. Here’s a listing of their screening programs. Screenings are held in the Nanjing Visual Art College and Nanjing Art University.

In addition there will be other discussions and presentations on Chinese independent cinema (including one by yours truly on behalf of dGenerate); there’s even a “Young Movie Critics” training course on tap.

Yang Jins Er Dong, a dGenerate Films catalog title, is among the titles participating in the Feature Film Competition. Other dGenerate directors who have films in the festival are Ying Liang (Good Cats) and Zhao Dayong (Rough Poetry).

Shelly Kraicer profiled the CIFF on his virtual tour of the Chinese independent film circuit. He wrote, “the festival cultivates a real sense of intellectual energy and ferment.”

Main program of films follows after the break.

Feature Films Competition Lou Ye: Spring Fever Peng Lei: Panda Candy Wang Liren: Tattoo Xu Ruotao: Rumination Yang Jin: Er Dong Ying Liang: Good Cats Zhang Ming: Bride Zhang Feng: Not a Bad Brat Zhang Jianchi: White Dragonfly Zheng Yi: Woodpecker

Special Feature Li Hongqi: Golden Week Zhao Ye: Jalainur

Student Session Chen Qiguang (Hong Kong): Save the Kid Guo Zhen (Hong Kong): Mom Goes to Work Lei Lei: Pear or ET + Universe Candy Floss Li Xing: Wedding Banquet Qin Panpan: An Lan Sheng Xintian: Wu Yi Liu Ying: Ema, Ema Su Zhexian (Taiwan): Street Dance Craze Wu Xiao: Elegy of the Antitheist Wu Yaqin: Garden Xi Xueqing: Secret Channel

CIFF Top Ten Documentary List Lin Xin: Schoolmates Lin Zhizhan (Taiwan): Red Grain Mao Chenyu: Xi Mao’s Universe Tao Huaqiao: Arhat Wang Xuebo: Bangke from the Mansi Village Wei Ating: You and Me Xu Tong: Fortune Telling Zhao Xun: Two Seasons Zhang Jingwei: KJ Zhang Tianhui: Farewell, Beijing

CIFF Top Ten Experimental Films Chen Xuegang: Me Cheng Ran: Rock Pigeon Gao Shiqiang: Oxygen Sick Liang Yue: Lady, Lady Liu Yonghong + Liu Zhiyong: Can you play with me Mei Jian: Live Force Na Yingyu: Our Master is Gone Yang Li: Wonderland Zhao Dayong: Rough Poetry Zhao Yu: Crystal


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