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‘Writing in Water’ To Screen at NYU

courtesy of Angela Zito

The NYU Cinema Studies department will screen a preview of Angela Zito‘s documentary Writing in Water on Tuesday, March 6. The screening of this 42-minute documentary, described as “a film on the social life of calligraphy,” will take place from 6-8pm in the Michaelson Theater, Tisch School of the Arts, 721 Broadway, New York, NY.

Zito, a Professor of Anthropology and Religious Studies at NYU, describes her film as follows:

What does it mean to take up calligraphy in a fast-moving world where people often no longer recall the stroke order of unusual words, but can look them up on cellphones? How does it feel being alone, together, spending long hours training your body to write while slowly mulling over your life with others? Writing in Water follows my calligraphy teacher, and my teacher’s teacher, in Tuanjiehu Park, Beijing, where they write on the plaza everyday. With their students they connect past to present, master to pupil, friend to friend, making a community, making Chinese characters that slowly materialize, and that last long after the water has evanesced into air.

The film will be presented in Chinese with English subtitles. A Q&A with Angela Zito will follow the screening.


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