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Update from Foxconn: “Thousands of Hopefuls” Seek Jobs at Zhengzhou Factory

Would be Foxconn workers in Zhengzhou (

Despite the controversy surrounding worker mistreatment and suicide protests at the Foxconn factories responsible for the manufacturing of products for Apple and other American electronics giants, thousands of young Chinese workers flooded recruitment offices in Zhengzhou last month, seeking employment with Foxconn. Killian Bell for the Cult of Mac blog writes:

M.I.C. Gadget reports that the lines stretched a whopping 200 meters, with thousands of hopefuls clutching applications forms for the jobs in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory as the company ramps up its iPhone production. – likely for the sixth-generation iPhone 5.

While Cult of Mac’s serves a platform for discussion of Apple innovations and politics, the Mac-enthusiasts blog touches on the more sensitive aspects of Foxconn’s manufacturing structure–and whether or not Apple may be addressing these concerns.

This influx of staff will reportedly help Foxconn ramp up iPhone production, and although it doesn’t mention the iPhone 5, this is likely to be the reason for the production boost. Apple has already caught up with iPhone 4S demand, so it’s doubtful these staff are required to increase production of the fifth-generation device. This strengthens a previous report that claimed Foxconn is gearing up to produce the iPhone 5, ready for a launch this summer. But the huge interest in these jobs will be a surprise to many, following recent reports that detail the harrowing conditions Chinese workers must suffer each day. Does this confirm Apple’s claims that those reports are misleading and inaccurate?


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