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The Meaning of “dGenerate Films”

So our company name, dGenerate Films, got your attention, eh? Your first assumption perhaps was incorrect, we’re not making porn flicks. Perhaps disappointedly, you now ask how we decided to name ourselves and what this has to do with Chinese film. Let us examine the reasons why.

One, independent filmmakers in China are often labeled “degenerates” by the government. Two, Chinese filmmakers historically are grouped by their “generation”; our filmmakers fall into the sixth and post-sixth generation. Three, “d” for Digital, that being the medium our filmmakers utilize and the distribution channels we deploy. Four, our filmmakers have and will continue to create and generate films that boldly and candidly explore contemporary China in ways not done before. Five, if you’ve got this far, then we’ve achieved our goal and our name got your attention.

That answer your question?


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