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The Daily Show Takes on the Foxconn Factory in Hilarious Video

On Monday’s episode of The Daily Show host Jon Stewart presented a segment examining the working conditions of the Foxconn factory complex in Shenzhen, China, which produces and assembles parts for many mobile devices used in the United States, most notably the Apple iPhone. While the conditions of Foxconn workers are no laughing matter (35 hour work days of highly repetitive work, no unionizing, high incidents of suicide), Stewart employs his characteristically effective approach of hard social analysis packaged as light satire to educate a general audience about where and how their precious gadgets are made. Watch the video after the break.

For a more in-depth look at Apple and Foxconn, factory labor and workers’ rights in China, read two articles by Maya Rudolph: “Thinking Differently on Steve Jobs’ Legacy” and “Foxconn is Still a Hard Place to Work.” Also watch the powerful documentary Struggle by Shu Haolun, available in the dGenerate catalog.


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