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Shanghai’s “Pig-pocalypse” a sign of <i>Disorder</i>?

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source: China Digital Times

With over 16,000 dead pigs found so far in Huangpu River near Shanghai, this porcine predicament ranks as the top news story out of China to date, one that inspires as much disbelief as dismay. According to the Guardian, the latest speculation as to the cause of these carcasses points to an unintended outcome of officials cracking down on the selling of food products derived from dead, diseased pigs:

“The state-controlled Southern Weekly newspaper, citing court documents, said three men were sentenced to life in prison in Jiaxing last November for procuring dead pigs to sell their meat. It says the men and their group bought 77,000 dead pigs in a period of more than two years. Local officials also told Southern Weekly that the city lacked the facilities to dispose properly of dead pigs.”

The South China Morning Post reports that officials are under increased pressure to post more detailed results of tests to the water quality of the Huangpu, which is a major water source for the Shanghai metropolitan area.

China Digital Times posted a hilarious blog parody “Life of Pig”, which imagines a press meeting with an official spun in the manner of the Oscar-winning Ang Lee movie. “Dear reporters, after you hear today’s press conference, you will believe in God.”

A landscape of pigs, a suspect water supply, the selling of illicit food and animal products: these elements figure also prominently in Disorder, Huang Weikai’s visionary found footage work that turns amateur street video into a symphony of contemporary Chinese dystopia.