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Pema Tseden’s “Old Dog” to Screen at Slamdance

Pema Tseden’s Old Dog, heralded as one of foremost triumphs of “Tibet New Wave” will screen January 24th at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

"Old Dog" (dir. Pema Tseden)

“At the tail end of the twentieth century in Tibet, a son has sold his family mastiff to a dog dealer in town, but his father retrieves the mastiff and frees it in the mountains. But the freed mastiff only ends up in the hands of the dog dealer again, who plans to resell it. To get the mastiff back from the dealer, the son fights the dealer and ends up being arrested by the police. Rather than leave the mastif in the dealer’s hands, the father chooses a tragic end for the old mastiff who has kept him company for many years.”


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