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Lineup for the Fifth Beijing Independent Film Festival

By Isabella Tianzi Cai

The 5th Beijing Film Festival is taking place from October 1 to 7 this year. It is organized by the Li Xianting Film Fund. The event will take place at Songzhuang Art Center in the outskirts of Beijing.

A full list of filmmakers and films screening in their respective categories follows after the break.

Feature, Fiction Lim Kahwai: After All These Years Gao Wendong: Ant City Simon Chung: End of Love Hu Lifuzzzz: Happy to Death Zhao Dayong: The High Life Hao Jie: Single Man Li Hongqi: Winter Vacation Liu Yonghong: YELANG

Feature, Documentary Zheng Kuo: 798 Station Li Hongqi: Are We Really so Far from a Madhouse? Li Dong: Eight Ingredient Porridge Cecilia Ho: HERstory – “Jeritan” Xue Jianqiang: I Beat Tiger When I Was Young Qiu Jiongjiong: Madam Mao Chenyu: Not a Bodhisattva Xu Huijing: River Flow River Bank

Feature Animation Liu Jian: Piercing I

Short Animation Chen Xi and An Xu: West Lake Fish, The Winter Solstice, and A Clockwork Cock Jin Haofan: I Wanna Be Lei Lei: Pears or Aliens, The Universe Cotton, and Hu Lulu Hong Longlong Hua Lala Li Dongzheng: Subway Time Li Zhiyong: Kungfu Bunny 1: Shaolin Bunny & Wudang Dog, Kungfu Bunny 2: Run Bunny Run, and Kungfu Bunny 3: Counterattack. Liang Ning: Mother and Son Visit the Sun Liang Zhuohong: Queen’s Garden and The Boy Wu Kong Ma Manjie: The Sick Diary Skin 3: Blow up the School and Miss Puff’s Goldfish Bowl Su Haotian, Liu Kuang, Wan Fan, and Zheng Xuezhi: Oddly Seen Studio and Fantasy Naheya Sun Xun: Coal Spell and People’s Republic of Zoo Wei Silei: One Day in Lift Yu Shui: About Life and Lotus Fairy

Japanese Animation NAKATA Hideto: Elemi YAMAZAKI Takeru: The Fire Man HARADA Hiroshi: Floating of the Fairy and Sound NIIYA Naoyuki: Man-eater Mountain SAITO Nasuka et al.: DOME

Experimental Films Xu Dawei: Carnival Huang Xinyao: Nimbus David Sudmalis Aynor Missingham: Die Eigenheit Du Fang: Immature Thinking Hai Bo: Tiai Ping Chuan Huang Yali: The Unnamed

Wide Angle Gao Yuan: Fun Fun Yu Zhe: Hot, Hunt, Heat Lin Changrong: The Lost Cui Wei: Old Man Wang Menhoi: The Opening Ceremony Jiang Yijia: Standstill Huang Yinnyu: Wuguwang North Street to Taipei

Special Attention Ai Weiwei: Beautiful Life, Sanhua, and An Isolated Man

Special Screenings Henri Roanne-Rosenblat: China 1971 and China: From The Abacus to the Computer

More information about the festival in both Chinese and English can be found at the Fanhall website.


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