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Jian Yi’s new film on China’s meat industry screening in Los Angeles

Brighter Green is pleased to announce its short documentary, “What’s for Dinner?“, will be shown at two upcoming film festivals. If you are in Los Angeles on May 7th, or Seoul in late May, please consider attending the festivals and seeing the film. Please also share or post the screening details.

“What’s for Dinner,” directed by independent Chinese filmmaker Jian Yi. Meat is now central to billions of people’s daily meals. The environmental, climate, public health, ethical, and human impacts are enormous and remain largely unexamined. ‘What’s for Dinner?’ explores this terrain in fast-globalizing China through the eyes of a retired pig farmer; a vegan restaurateur; a bullish young livestock entrepreneur; and residents of Guangdong province, known as the ‘world’s factory,’ contending with water polluted by wastes from pig factory farms. These men and women personalize the vast trends around them in the world’s most populous country (that’s also one of its most powerful).

Saturday, May 7, 5:30 p.m., (Pacific Standard Time): “What’s for Dinner?” will be shown as part of the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.

Venue details: Healthy Lifestyle Studio at the Healthy Living Center:

3503 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

You can purchase tickets for the screening online for $10 here.

May 19-25: “What’s for Dinner?” will also be screening at the Green Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea as part of the Green Panorama program. The festival will be held from May 19-25, 2011. Please check Brighter Green’s website for specific screening information.


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