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Free Preview of New Film from Makers of <i>Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters</i>

Siglo Films, the producers of Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters, have recently completed a new feature that promises to be another important look at Chinese history and society. Outside the Great Wall is a look at Chinese who are living in exile due to their involvement in free speech and democracy movements in their native country. The film will be screened this Sunday at the New York Taiwan Center. Details below:

Preview Screening of Outside the Great Wall Sunday, May 30 – 6:30 pm New York Taiwan Center 137?44 Northern Blvd , Flushing , NY 11354 718-661-9977 718-830-9526

Outside the Great Wall Japan, 2010. 133 minutes Directed by Han Guang Produced by Tetsujiro Yamagami Coproduced and edited by John Junkerman Narrated by Roger Pulvers

At a time when China has joined the economic powerhouses of the world, it has also erected a new Great Wall against free speech and democracy, blocking the flow of information among Chinese and from overseas. This brave documentary features interviews with 12 prominent Chinese intellectuals and artists living in exile, from Nobel Prize-winning writer Gao Xingjian in Paris and novelist Zheng Yi in Washington, to Tiananmen student leaders Wang Dan and Zhang Boli, and the “Godfather of Chinese Democracy” Xu Wenli. The story of these courageous men and women, scattered to the far corners of the world, is the story of the struggle for freedom and human rights in China, from the Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen to the present. Their fight continues today.

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