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Fourth BIFF Celebrates Chinese-Language Indies

Co-sponsored by Fanhall Films and Li Xianting Film Fund, the 4th annual Beijing Independent Film Festival was held from September 1st to September 7th in Songzhuang Arts District in suburban Beijing. The program focused on Chinese-language independent films from around the world and consisted of six units. Films from Greater China were divided into three units: fictional features, documentary features and short films (including experimental shorts and animations).

The fourth unit, Special Attention: Films from Dahuang Picture, was devoted to the Malaysian independent production company which focuses on Chinese-language films and served as a major force in promoting new Malaysian cinema to the world. Unit five paid tribute to Ogawa Shinsuke, one of the most influential independent documentary filmmakers in postwar Japan, whose socially engaged documentary modes influenced a generation of Chinese directors, including Wu Wenguang, Zhang Yuan and Wang Bing. The last unit showcased excellent student works from the Li Xianting Film Production Workshop.

In an interview with Fanhall Films, art director Zhu Rikun mentioned that starting next year the festival will expand its program to invite more foreign independent works, while strengthening the quality of Chinese films in the selection.

dGenerate director Ying Liang attended the festival. In an article on, Ying cited his personal top three (all documentaries): Fortune Teller by Xu Tong, Red White by Chen Xinzhong, and Falling from the Sky by Zhang Zanbo.


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