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Chinese Music History Project


Super, Girls!

The website announced an exciting new online project: to map and document the complete history of Chinese music. From the announcement:

“We are inviting institutes, organisations, universities, professors, teachers and students to join in and support us. The reason for this project is the same reason that led us to start with Rock in China 9 years ago: Currently there is no overall comprehensive and detailed website about the historical development of Chinese music. And we want to change this and create a free public domain online reference. Independent from the topic of rock music we are going to look at traditional music, folk music, Chinese opera, Tang Dynasty music and many other Chinese music related topics. As we have expanded our online wiki into semantic web last November and received over 2 million page views in respond to that, we believe that we have create the right tool landscape to realize our aims.

How can you help us? Help can be joining in on creating and editing of relevant online articles in our wiki together with other interested users. Help can be searching for copyright-free sources, media, photos and texts that can be used for our articles. Help can be also promotion of this project, announcing it online and establishing contacts with other interested parties.

Amongst others, we are focussing on the following topics:

Development of music in China: History of music in China? | History of Rock in China | Chinese music during the Tang Dynasty | Chinese music during the Song Dynasty | Chinese music during pre-dynasty times | History of Cantopop | History of Mandopop | and many other focus articles …

Development of folk music in China: Anhui Folk | Bai Folk | Chaohu Folk | Children music | Chuanjiang Work Songs | Dance Songs | Dangtu Folk | Danzhou Folk | Eight-cornered Drum Song | Field Songs | Fishermen Songs | Folk Rock | Grand song of the Dong ethnic group | Hehuang Hua’er | Hequ Folk | Hoomii | Hua’er | Jing Music at Beijing Zhihuasi Temple | Kazakh Folk | Liaoning Gu Music | Lishui Boatmen Work Songs | Meizhou Mountain Songs | Mongolian Folk | Mountain Songs | Mudong Mountain Songs | Muqam | Nanxi Work Songs | Naxi Ancient Music | Neofolk | Pipa Songs of the Dong people | Ritual Songs | Sangzhi Folk | She Folk | Shizhu Tujia Luoer Folk | Small Tunes | Taomin Hua’er | The Bearer’s Song of Ba Mountain | Tibetan La-She Folk | Twelve Copper Drum Melodies | Urtin Duu Folk | Uyghur Folk | Vendor Cries | Work Songs | Xingguo Mountain Folk Songs | Xingshan Folk | Yazhou Folk | Zhongshan xianshui Folk | Ziyang Folk | Zuoquan Kaihua Diao

Development of instrumental music in China: Bangu | Banhu | Bawu | Bianqing | Bianzhong | Chiba | Cizhonghu | Daguangxian | Dihu | Diyingehu | Dizi | Duxianqin | Erhu | Erxian | Fangxiang | Fish-drum | Fou | Gaohu | Gehu | Gourd mouth organ | Gu | Guan | Guban | Guqin | Guzheng | Hu hu | Huluhu | Hulusi | Huobosi |Huqin | Jiaohu | Jiegu | Jing erhu | Jinghu | Konghou | Maguhu | Mangtong | Morin khuur | Paixiao | Pipa | Sheng  | Sounding stone | Suona | Tiqin | Tobshuur | Tuhu | Xiao | Xindi | Xun | Yehu | Yu | Zhonghu | Zhu | Zhuihu

You can read more about this project on our project page:

This project is intended to start in April 2013, but account registration is already available. Everyone who is actively helping is going to be mentioned on our project page with his/her user name and will also be mentioned as contributor in our project status newslets.

I hope that you can join our project. We are open to all ideas, suggestions or critical comments and will definitely support in terms of account creation, introduction to wiki works and other topics.

For a ground-level view of China’s contemporary pop music culture, watch Jian Yi’s documentary Super, Girls!


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