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China Independent Film Festival Full Lineup Announced

By Isabella Tianzi Cai

The Seventh China Independent Film Festival will be held in Nanjing from October 21 to 25. The screenings will be held at Nanjing University as well as other university venues.

There will be a forum for film enthusiasts at the festival called “The Projection of China’s Moving Images and the Chinese Imagination in the Next Ten Years.” A 3-D workshop will be also held there with support from Panasonic.

dGenerate Directors who have films in the festival are Zhao Dayong (The High Life), Zhou Hao (Cop Shop), Cao Fei (China Tracy, Living in RMB City).

Main programs of the festival follow after the break. Further details can be found at the festival website.

Nominated for the CIFF Best Feature Film: Li Hongqi: Winter Vacation Emily Tang Xiaobai: Pefect Life Zhao Dayong: The High Life Liu Jiang: Piercing I Li Lu: Rivers and My Father Hao Jie: Single Man Li Ruijun: The Old Donkey Liu Yonghong: Tangle Yuan Fei: The Cleaning Gao Wendong: Ant City

CIFF Top Ten Documentaries List: Xue Jianqiang: Martian Syndrome Zhang Zanbo: A Song of Love, Maybe Qiu Jiongjiong: Madame Mao Chenyu: Triumph of the Will Guo Xiaolu: Once Upon a Time Proletarian Chen Xinzhong: Zhong Sheng Wang Qingren: Game Theory Yang Yishu: On the Road Zhou Hao: Cop Shop Li Ning: Tape

Special Exhibitions: Yu Liwei: Plastic City Zhuang Yibin: No Camera but Shoot Xue Jianqiang: I Beat Tiger When I Was Young He Yongsheng: Reflection (to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Akira Kurosawa) Guo Xizhi: Mouthpiece

Experimental Films: Cao Fei: China Tracy, Living in RMB City Cao Kai: South of the Southern Border Gao Shiqiang: Total Solar Eclipse Huang Wenhai: Crust Na Yingyu and Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou: Adultery Makes Everything Well / Ashma Sun Xun: Beyond-ism Wang Jianwei: Gaze Zhou Xiaohu: Mirror Room / Forgetting Pillar

Swiss Films: Ursula Meier: Home Fanny Brauning: No More Smoke Signals Peter Liechti: The Sound of Insects Frederic Mermoud: Complices Fabienne Abramovich: Blood Ties Frederic Chofat: Real Life is Elsewhere


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