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Ying Liang’s “When Night Falls” Film Stills and Trailer

These stills and trailer come courtesy of Ying Liang, whose film When Night Falls has become a target of much controversy after police accosted Ying’s family in their Shanghai home last month, seeking to buy the rights to the film from the Jeonju International Film Festival, who funded the work.

"When Night Falls" (dir. Ying Liang)

Since the initial threat made to Ying’s family and the prospect that he may be arrested if he returns to mainland China, Ying has returned to his teaching post in Hong Kong and has been keeping followers updated on the situation via his facebook and twitter.

"When Night Falls" (dir. Ying Liang)

The narrative film, which recounts the true story of a man who murdered six Shanghai policemen after suffering police beatings as punishment for riding an unlicensed bicycle, is a story of brutality, unlawful detentions, and the state of justice in today’s China. The film premiered recently at the Jeonju International Film Festival in South Korea.

"When Night Falls" (dir. Ying Liang)

The Chinese title of the film Wo Hai You Hua Yao Shuo, can be translated as “I Still Have Something To Say.” The trailer was posted yesterday and can be seen here.


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