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Updates from Chinese Film Fest Studies

Chinese film scholars Chris Berry and Luke Robinson, who manage the website Chinese Film Fest Studies, offer the following recent updates to the site:

NEWS: We have an item via Screen Daily that discusses the popularity of the French Online Film Festival in China. Additionally, we have information on the tenth anniversary celebrations of the Nanjing-based China Independent Film Festival, which will be taking place in May in the UK. As part of the celebrations, films from the festival will be being screened in Newcastle, Nottingham and London, with directors Feng Yan and Pema Tseden in attendance. There will also be a symposium and exhibition at Newcastle, at which Zhang Xianmin (BFA) and Cao Kai (CIFF) will both speak. Details about the events in Newcastle and Nottingham can be found on the website, under News. Further news about the London events to follow.

FESTIVAL REPORTS: We have a new report from network member Elena Pollacchi (Ca’Foscari/Venice International Film Festival), who discusses her experience of serving on the jury of the 4th Xi’an International Folk Video Festival, in October and November of 2013.

GALLERIES: A small gallery of photos to accompany Elena Pollacchi’s report has been added. In addition, we have an update to the gallery of Tsai Ming-Liang at the Leeds Internal Film Festival (2010), which is a link to an interview with Tsai Ming-Liang, conducted by Tiago de Luca.

ARCHIVE: We now have an initial integrated bibliography of academic and non-academic writing on Chinese film festivals, which can be located in our archive section. We would very much like to thank Corey Schultz for his support in developing this bibliography. This bibliography is still a work in progress, and is currently focused primarily on writing in English published online, in academic journals, or in trade publications and magazines. We hope to complete an equivalent search of the Chinese-language literature soon. However, if people have references to work they know of that has not been included, please contact us directly, so that we can update the bibliography!

Chris Berry and Luke Robinson


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