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New Chinese Film Site Seeks Film Festival Resources

Chinese Film Festival Studies ( is an exciting new resource for Chinese cinema that connects an international community of scholars interested in film festivals in Chinese-language areas or specializing in Chinese cinema. Launched by film scholars Chris Berry and Luke Robinson with the support of the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council, the site states its aim “to interrogate the rapid growth of Chinese film festivals from a cultural transition perspective.”

As part of its mission, the site is presently compiling a Chinese film festival bibliography, specifically looking to collate a list of non-academic writing on Chinese film festivals. This work could include, for example:

· Newspaper, magazine or wire reports on festivals or related events · Interviews with key personnel · Online reports or discussions of festivals or related events

Luke Robinson states in his call for contributions:

The aim is to collate an archive of substantial non-academic writing that contributes to our understanding of the film festival circuit in the Chinese-speaking world. This can then be added to our existing academic bibliography, which can be found on our website If anyone has any references that they feel should be included in this bibliography, or has written anything that could usefully be incorporated, please do not hesitate to contact us at chinesefilmfestivals (at) gmail (dot) com. The aim is to collate an initial bibliography during December, and post it to the website.However, we intend to keep this as a rolling project until the end of the network. We will therefore be looking to update the bibliography on a monthly basis, including additions in our updates to website subscribers.  If at any point in the next six months you come across a piece of writing that you feel it would be useful to have referenced in the bibliography, please email us, and we can update the file.


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