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Karamay wins iSunTV Chinese Documentary Award

Karamay (dir. Xu Xin)

Xu Xin’s Karamay, a six hour epic investigation of a tragic fire that killed hundreds of Chinese schoolchildren, was one of four films honored by the iSunTV Chinese Documentary Awards for Best Investigative Documentary.

Born in Beijing by Ma Li, Three Days in Wukan by Ai Xiaoming, and Falling from the Sky by Zhang Zanbo also won awards. The films were all screened to the public last week in Hong Kong as part of iSunTV’s annual festival.

In her report on last year’s Chinese Documentary Awards, Isabella Tianzi Cai profiled iSunTV:

iSunTV claims to be the only independent Chinese television channel in China. It was founded in 2000 in Hong Kong as a Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) channel. Now headquartered in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Taipei, it produces and broadcasts programs in Chinese around the clock. Currently its programs are divided into eight categories; they are news, reviews, histories, biographies, documentaries, dialogs, cultural talks, and world cultures. A strong focus on free speech permeates all its programs. Documentaries, in particular, are a staple with them.

More details on the awards and screenings can be found on iSunTV’s website (in Chinese).

Karamay is part of the dGenerate catalog.


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