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<i>1428</i> Picked as Los Angeles Film Festival’s “Best of the Fest”

1428 (dir. Du Haibin)

Du Haibin’s award winning documentary 1428 has been selected as one of the must-sees playing at the Los Angeles Film Festival by the LA Weekly. LA Weekly film editor Karina Longworth ties the film’s depiction of disaster management with that the current oil spill devastating the Gulf Coast:

“We don’t know what to do at all.” That statement, spoken by a Chinese woman whose home has been demolished by the government without her permission, functions as the thesis of this episodic, verité-style documentary shot in the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Setting up a fascinating contrast between the “official” version of events captured by the state media and the rage and frustration of those struggling to rebuild far from photo ops, the theme of power brokers failing to serve people who can’t fathom self-sufficiency in the wake of unforeseen disaster hits eerily close to home.

1428 plays this Sunday and Monday at the Regal Cinemas at LA Live:

  1. Sun. Jun 20, 1:45pm, Regal Cinemas #13

  2. Mon. Jun 21, 8:00pm, Regal Cinemas #13

Tickets can be purchased at the Festival website.

Find out more about 1428.


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