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8th Annual Chinese Independent Film Festival – Lineup

By Maya E. Rudolph

The 8th annual China Independent Film Festival will commence October 28th with an exciting roster of narrative, documentary, and short films screening in Nanjing. The festival this year boasts a balanced feature narrative and documentary program, and an extensive program of shorts, experimental films, a selection of shorts from Germany, and four selections from the Folk Memory Project.

Kicking off the documentary program is Zheng Kuo’s 798 Station, a 2011 film documenting the evolution of Beijing’s 798 factory space from an East German-engineered industrial park to a contemporary art hotspot. Also screening on the festival’s first day is Cong Feng’s (director of 2008’s Doctor Ma’s Country Clinic) The Unfinished History of Life, a serious and thorough account of a group of friends and acquaintances in Gansu province, their daily lives and concerns unfolding over several hours of footage.

Yang Heng, the director of Betelnut (distributed by dGenerate), brings to the narrative program a second feature, Sun Spots. This 2010 Hong-Kong co-production boasts a vaguely surrealistic, hauntingly still story of violence and redemption. Other films by directors represented by dGenerate are No. 89 Shimen Road (Shu Haolun, Nostalgia, Struggle), Shattered (Xu Tong, Fortune Teller), and Cop Shop II (Zhou Hao, Using, The Transition Period).

The full program is listed following the break:

Documentary Program:

798 Station, Zheng Kuo

God Bless You, Li Miao

Waiting at the Door, Sun Haoran

The Unfinished History of Life, Cong Feng

Gas, Lin Xin

Glance, Florid Sprice

Eight-Ingredient Porridge, Li Dong

God Bless You, Li Miao

Seven Days in a Year, Wang Hao

Narrative Program:

Last Chestnut, Zhao Ye

Pear, Zhang Ciyu

Sun Spots, Yang Heng

Lost in the Mountains, Gao Ziping

Old Dog, Pema Tseden

Huan Huan, Song Chuan

No. 89 Shimen Raod, Shu Haolun

Tiger, Bi Gan

Celestial Kingdom, Wang Chao

Folk Memory Project:

The Starving Village, Zou Xueping

Satiated Village, Zou Xueping

Luo Village: Me And Ren Ding, Luo Bing

Self-Portrait: At 47 KM?Zhang Mengqi

Shorts and Experimental Program:

Chronicles of Hulling Rice, Gui Shuzhong

The Cockfighters, Jin Rui

When the Bough Breaks, Ji Dan

To Justify Bu Qinfu, Wang Yunlong and Han Yu

Cop Shop II, Zhou Hao

Shattered, Xu Tong

The Cold Winter, Zheng Kuo

Land of Black Gold, Li Xiaofeng

Chronicles of Hulling Rice, Gui Shuzhong

The Days, Wei Xiaobo


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